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Accessibility Testing using OpKey

Radhe Shyam Prajapati 21.04.2017
What is Accebility Testing?
Accessibility testing is a part of usability testing. The significance of this testing is to verify both usability and accessibility. By performing accessibility testing of the web application, you can enhance usability of your web application even for physically disabled persons.
Now, OpKey is capable of doing automated UI testing of websites. For this, there are two new keywords added to the OpKey. They are as follows:

(1) AccessibilityCheckPointSettings (Used to set the prerequisites for Accessibility test)

(2) ValidatePageAccessibility (Used to validates the page Accessibility test)


Now, you can use these keywords in Test Case in OpKey and perform accessibility testing.


1. AccessibilityCheckPointSettings

This keyword is used to set the prerequisites for Accessibility test. It doesn’t take any objects input arguments. It also takes some data input arguments.


Data Input Arguments:


ReportName - Provide the name of report to be created.

ReportFolderPath - Provide path of the created folder.



2. ValidatePageAccessibility

This keyword is used to validates the page Accessibility test. It doesn’t take any objects/data input arguments.


For details about Accessibility Testing, kindly refer OpKey Help section: Accessibility Testing in OpKey


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