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OpKey’s Artificial Test Intelligence

Enabling enterprises make the transition from Automated to Autonomous Testing

For us, Artificial intelligence is not just some marketing jargon. It’s the fundamental way of thinking when solving a testing problem and designing a new feature. Our Core Engine leverages multiple facets of AI like Natural Language Processing, Deep data Analytics, passive learning and machine learning to simplify test automation for you.

We call this core engine as “Artificial Test Intelligence”. And it’s using this Artificial Test Intelligence we are making sure that you create scripts faster than ever, maintain those easier than ever and test your applications better than ever  

 Some of the areas where we are currently using
Artificial Test Intelligence within OpKey

Autonomous Test Creation

We combine our pre-built Test Models and Test Libraries, Autonomous configuration discovery, and test data generation engine to cut down the initial test scripting time by 80% for packaged applications. This means faster automation deployment and faster RoI. And we are working on extending it to custom applications.

Self-Healing Test Scripts

Our revolutionary Self-Heal technology for ERP accelerators bring the approved changes within the test script trying to incorporate the changes. This minimizes the need for test script maintenance and ensures consistent runs - release after release 

Self Learning Object Identifiers

OpKey Smart Intelli-sense(TM) engine keeps a track of Object Identifiers and continuously analyze test logs to find the best fit object property with which to identify a control. This means more robust tests without needing to worry about changing POMs or Xpaths 

Change visibility and Impact Analysis

Artificial Test Intelligence plays a pivotal role in identifying mapped component dependencies, analyzing the impact of changes across the entire software ecosystem, generating risk based Testing plans and ensuring seamless deployments

Our Research areas

We believe its a collaborative world today and ideas need to be shared to bring about a real change. And so our philosophy is being transparent about the focus areas where our R&D teams are burning their mid night oil. If you have ideas, or want to contribute, do write to us.

Applying Stochastic analytics to derive automation script from Manual Test Cases

The holy grail of test automation – how can we leverage the years of knowledge accumulated by enterprises in form of manual test documentation. And turn that into automation script.

A Dream, right. Well our team thinks other wise. Our data scientists are working on applying stochastic analytics combined with Natural Language processing to make that dream a reality.

Deep Process Mining for test improvement and optimization

Testing processes, even in most matured of the organizations need continuous optimization and fine tuning to adapt to changing needs and evolving technology. However QA leaders often lack the insight of gap areas

This problem is what we have our eyes trained on. How can we mine the existing testing processes and autonomously identify the areas where optimization can be achieved

Building Domain specific models to solve the critical testing bottlenecks

Working with some of the top global enterprises across diverse industry verticals has helped understand domain specific testing challenges. Like Computer System validation in Pharma and Lifesciences.

That’s why we are working on building and refining training models for these complex problems. Our focus is on Pharma and Lifesciences, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Banking

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