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Accelerated ERP Testing

with AI Powered OpKey Test

Automate testing of End to End business processes across your ERP ecosystem with Ready to deploy test accelerators

Accelerated Business Assurance across your enterprise Business Processes

Deliver seamless end-to-end testing experience with quality and speed for your Cloud and on-prem ERP applications.

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Move beyond Testing to Autonomous
Business Assurance

ERP solutions are business critical to any enterprise. However Effective and accelerated ERP testing across different phases remain a major roadblock for a successful ERP transformation. That’s where most of the successful ERP implementations have been known to adopt an integrated accelerated ERP Testing approach to speed up testing while maintaining quality

OpKey’s AI Powered ERP Test Accelerator platform enables Day Zero Deployment of Test automation suite for your Finance, HCM, SCM, procurement and manufacturing modules across Oracle, SAP or Workday projects reducing surprises and make the process more predictable. Be it Implementation, Quarterly Upgrade, Rollout, Production Support, or Maintenance, Fortune 100 enterprises have been able to bring speed and predictability into their ERP projects using OpKey

Unique Value Propositions

Lowest initial Setup
time & Efforts

Autonomous discovery of your configurations and test cases tailored to your implementation

Lowest automation
Maintenance Effort

AI Powered self-healing technology to ensure changes are automatically incorporated into scripts

Real-time Risks
analysis and visibility

OpKey enables real time Change management and Risk analysis across entire business process. Not just one system

Predictive Test
Analyticsfor Developers

Lets developers known the testing risks associated with Customization or configuration charges - Even before Testing

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Pre-Built reusable libraries, Test Scenarios and Test Cases

All OpKey Test Accelerators come with thousands of Prebuilt reusable automation components, pre-configured test Scenarios and automatic data generation.

This allows your testing teams to cut down the initial automation setup time significantly. Instead of focusing on building the framework and reusable libraries, team can instead focus on test coverage and process configuration. This helps accelerate the RoI that teams can achieve from Automated ERP testing, improving the quality and reliability at the same time.

Change Impact analysis across all enterprise applications

With Agile ERP Testing, enterprises often struggle with managing changes that happen as part of platform updates, configuration changes or integrations. Team need a full visibility into the changes happening and incorporating the changes into test scripts at speed

With its core artificial test intelligence and automated ERP testing, OpKey present a holistic view of changes happening across multiple systems, in real time, allowing teams to understand the impact these changes can have on scripts and respond faster to the changes with confidence

Agile ERP Testing – A myth no more with OpKey

ERP Implementation across the industry is moving from waterfall to Agile. This agile ERP movement has been influenced by move to adopt cloud ERPs that increases the velocity of change. However Agile ERP Testing has for long remained a pipe dream because testing can not keep pace with the velocity of changes. Not Anymore.

OpKey bring in a right blend of Feature enablers and Process enablers build within the platform to facilitate Agile ERP Testing with minimal effort. Leveraging AI, OpKey accelerates the speed of Script creation and execution enabling continuous and Agile ERP Testing

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