OpKey makes it way easier and significantly more reliable for you to automate your web applications. With 400+ web keywords for almost every possible user action, automatic waits for AJAX calls so you don’t have to ever worry about synchronization points, and smartest recorder with IntelliChoose technology to handle dynamic object automatically, OpKey is going to revolutionize your web automation experience.

Web Technologies Supported with OpKey

Supported Browsers

  • MS IE
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Supported OS

  • Windows 7 & up
  • Mac 10.X


  • HTML5
  • CEF
  • Angular.js
  • Real.JS
  • Polymer.js
  • React.js
  • Meteor.js

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OpKey Web Application Support - Other Cool Features

Universal Web Recorder for faster script creation

  • OpKey cross platform, cross browser web recorder allows you to record your actions on all browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on windows, Mac and Linux.
  • With a Full features object Spy, OpKey allows you to inspect object properties and DOM hierarchy while recording. You can also set anchor properties for more robust object recognition.

Smarter Object recognition for handling dynamic controls

  • OpKey captures more than 10 properties for any objects including multiple relatives Xpaths to ensure more reliable object recognition
  • With Intellichoose, OpKey's smart object recognition algorithm, OpKey also captures relative position of object which makes handling dynamic controls way more easy

Automatic synchronizations for AJAX calls

  • With OpKey, handling AJAX applications is easier than ever. OpKey automatically synchronizes backend AJAX calls with UI actions which means you can say Bye Bye to tedious synchronization points in your web scripts
  • This automatic AJAx synchronization works with most of the JS libraries including React.js, polymer JS etc.

On Demand Access to OpKey Browser Labs

  • Run your OpKey tests on 50+ configurations across multiple browsers, operating systems and resolutions on real devices 
  • Pay only for the minutes that you use
  • Secure SSH tunnel to run tests from cloud behind your firewall
  • Pinpoint problem areas using videos, logs, and screenshots

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