Everyone experienced with Salesforce implementation will tell you the risks of not integrating continuous Salesforce testing. However, manual testing your service cloud after every update to your organization or Salesforce application is both tedious and expensive.

OpKey comes with pre-configured immediately ready Salesforce plug-in that accelerates your Salesforce test automation by handling the most challenging and complex Salesforce automation requirements.

Support for Native Salesforce elements

Support For Native
Salesforce Elements

OpKey combines smart metadata parsing with visual identifiers to correctly identify Visualforce elements leading to consistent testing with each release.

Consistent support for lightning and classic UI

Consistent Support For
Lightning And Classic UI

OpKey is lightning ready and supports testing for Salesforce lightning and classic user interface (UI). OpKey allows testers to execute multiple tests for both with no requirement of separate test suites.

Combine UI and API tests in one script

Combine UI And API
Tests With One Script

Using OpKey, testers can combine Salesforce APIs and UI testing within the same test script. This provides for faster and more reliable testing.

OpKey Salesforce Support - Other Cool Features

  • Full support for console applications including complex menus and tabs
  • Point-and-click script for Visualforce pages with apex based identifiers
  • Test user profile, role, and organizational hierarchy based access control
  • Execute multiple tests on multiple environments from a single-click function
  • Execute tests on multiple browsers to ensure full cross browser experience
  • Manage test data using test and data management capabilities

Salesforce Case Study

The Client

Our current client is a leading provider of cloud based complaint handling, quality management, regulatory reporting and document management systems for small and medium sized pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The Problem

The client found that manual testing of their application after each new Salesforce release was cumbersome both in time and cost. With 246 test cases to manage, the required time to test the entire service cloud testing regression pack was approximately 156 hours, or nearly 2 full weeks for 2 testers.

The Solution

With features like smart field locators, in-built support for tables and related lists, ability to combine API and UI testing within a single script, OpKey was a natural, and later obvious, choice for this client. OpKey helped achieve 100% automation coverage within 4 weeks because of the zero-code scripting technology within OpKey.

  • 4 Hours Total Time For Regression Testing Post Automation
  • 90% Faster Testing With Each Upgrade And Path Release
  • $42,000 Net Savings Within 1st Year Of Automation

OpKey enabled us to compress our testing cycles to hours enabling us to release almost every 15 days while fully meeting all our compliance needs

Sean Mallik VP Engineering

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