What is OpKey?

OpKey is a tool agnostic test automation platform which provides a complete end to end functional test automation solution. It provides solution for varied platforms like web, mobile, desktop etc. Its integrations with many tools such as selenium, watir, soapui, robotium from open source world, and with QTP, RFT, etc available from commercial tools. It has got many useful features like in built object management, test data management, recorder, integrations with CI, ALM tools. The latest in OpKey is its Cloud Platform which provides you a solution to run your automation suite on more that 100 OS browser combinations in parallel, which helps you save both time and cost on test automation. OpKey is not an automation tool in itself. It integrates with the existing automation tools available and provides a complete end to end test automation solution.

I’m using selenium webdriver right now in what manner OpKey helps to reduce my work?

OpKey Personal Edition 2.0 is available with selenium web driver. OpKey reduces burden in many ways as per compared just with selenium rc/ or web driver. With features like Object Repository; Data Repository ; Result management; pre built 500 + keyword set. Support for pop up handling and much more OpKey provides a hassle free test automation experience. We are sure if you try it, you will yourself find many more reasons. Have a look at our rich feature set - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/feature/

Is OpKey only for UI testing

OpKey is for Functional Testing completely. Not only for UI Testing. With OpKey you can test the functionality of your application. To know about OpKey Rich feature set click here - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/feature/

Is it only for Web Applications ? Can we do automation on WPF applications with OpKey

OpKey is not only for web application. With OpKey you can automate many different applications like web, mobile; desktop, web services etc if the underlying automation tool supports it. Well, with aid of selenium web driver we should be able to automate the WPF applications and also use our image test based engine with sikuli if required. We can conduct a small poc for you to showcase the same.

Is there any option to communicate with XML from OpKey

Yes we have available keywords which help you perform many operations on XML, refer this link- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=62&accordid=4#Handling-XML-Operations

Can I reuse my existing Selenium Webdriver script in Java with OpKey

Well, technically yes. You can create keywords of your existing selenium web driver scripts and use it in OpKey. Although it might not be much beneficial to you. OpKey provides a unique and rich keyword set of more than 400 keywords available; you can use them to quickly author your test case in opkey itself. Details on how you can create custom keywords is available here - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/custom-keywords-an-extension-to-regular-keyword-set/

Can i save reports and screenshots in OpKey, seperately in my system location

Yes, OpKey allows you to export your results which you can then save in any system location.

Can OpKey set up connection with external data sources?

Yes. OpKey, provides more than 400 keywords which allows you to perform this action and many more. Details about how will you interact with DB is available in one of our technical articles- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/connect-opkey-to-an-external-data-source-db/

Can we do load & performance testing with OpKey?

OpKey is a functional test automation tool. It is in our pipeline to integrate it with our other testing solutions to provide an enterprise level end to end test solution. We as an organization provide performance and load testing as a solution. You can refer this link here- http://www.crestechglobal.com/solutions/application-performance/ If you require more information on it please let me know and I will direct it to the right personnel.

Can we run same test simultaneously in two machines with OpKey?

Yes, OpKey Personal provides you a solution over cloud, where you can easily put the same test suite to run on different OS browser combinations. To know more visit- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/cloud/ Or with OpKey higher editions which comes with component, OpKey authoring and OpKey agent, it allows you to run the same test on two different machines. You can do so by using the OpKey scheduler feature and schedule the same suite to be run on two different test machines which has OpKey Agent installed.  

Can you execute TC for Selenium on OpKey for QTP

Yes, you can execute the same test cases of OpKey on selenium as well on QTP. With its powerful ToolAgnostic technology the OpKey underlying automation engine allows the authored test cases to be executed on any automation tool. More details as to how is this supported is available here for your reference- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/multi-tool-test-automation-platform-2/

Does OpKey support iframe for web applications

Yes, OpKey supports iframe for web applications. The underlying automation tool Selenium web driver supports iframe for web applications; so OpKey also supports the same

Does OpKey supports testing mobile applications?

OpKey very much supports mobile test automation on android, ios devices. Its higher edition Team has support for mobile test automation. You can see it in working here- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/OpKey_Videos/OpKey-Mobile-Edition/OpKey-Mobile-Edition.html  

How and in which case we have to use opkey personal,Team and BPT

OpKey Personal is used when you automation testing for one to one basis. It is based on Selenium Web Driver, so if you are using selenium web driver for automation, switching to OpKey will help you immensely. It is available for FREE. OpKey Team is a higher and paid edition of OpKey. It is made for automation teams of sizes 2-many. It also has support for various automation tools across platforms web, mobile, webservices etc. OpKey BPT is a higher and paid edition of OpKey. It is made for team which follow Business Process Test methodology in automation.   More details - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/editions/

How OpKey handles window popups

OpKey has generic keywords available which handles the pop-ups in the test automation run. More details is available on our blog- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/how-to-handle-expected-and-unexpected-popups/

How OpKey is different than sauce Labs?

Sauce labs is a test automation solution over selenium available on cloud. This is one of the features with OpKey. OpKey is a complete, end to end test automation solution. It has integrations available with many test tools like selenium rc, webdriver, watir, QTP, RFT, soapUI etc. It comes into various editions like personal, team and BPT to support different testing needs of test teams. You do not require knowledge of any programming knowledge to use OpKey, but the same is not true with Sauce labs solution. OpKey Cloud provides you a solution to run your tests on a always ready and available test lab, which infrastructure management is not your headache. It makes available more than 100 browser OS combination to facilitate your test automation. OpKey also provides integrations with external tools of ALM, CI, and defect management.

How to handle recovery scenario with OpKey?

OpKey has an in built feature known as recovery manager, which provides provision to create and handle unexpected events so that the test automation suite can be executed in an unattended mode. It is an advance level feature is available in higher editions of OpKey. More details on this feature is available here - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=81&accordid=6  

In what formats Test Execution Results of OpKey can be Exported

The results of OpKey can be exported in PDF and HTML formats. More details are available here - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=71&accordid=3#Result-Features

Is there any programming language knowledge required to work with OpKey

No, you are not required to know any programming knowledge to work with OpKey. It provides a unique platform which makes available more than 500 pre built keywords, which covers almost all generic automation actions required. It also provides a BPT edition which facilitates the business analyst to actively participate in test automation.

What if the keyword that we require is not available in OpKey?

OpKey allows you to create your own custom keyword, so if there is an action which you want to perform in your automation, and are not able to find an appropriate keyword with OpKey, than you can easily create your own custom keyword. Details on how you can create your keyword is available here – https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/custom-keywords-an-extension-to-regular-keyword-set/

What is OpKey Recorder

OpKey Recorder is an extension of Selenium IDE. To use, it you first open the url of your application, and then open the selenium ide for OpKey. And then you go to your test case in OpKey and click on record button. Whatever actions you will do on your web application they will be captured in the Selenium IDE for OpKey and at the same time in the test case for OpKey.   To know more, visit- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=58&accordid=3#Record-Feature

Where can i find the documentation of the opkey keyword for offline reference

Reference for OpKey keywords is available here - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=61&accordid=4. Also in the test case view; as you select each keyword its description is available in the same grid.

Which language is used for creating custom keywords

In OpKey Personal Edition, as the supporting tool is Selenium web driver, you will have to use Java as the language to create custom keywords. More help on how to create your own custom keyword is available here- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/custom-keywords-an-extension-to-regular-keyword-set/

How would I execute same test on multiple machine on my local environment with OpKey?

OpKey higher editions like Team and BPT comes up with OpKey agent as a solution which can be installed on as many local machines as you require to use for automation run. So you can use different machines to author and execute your test cases. This allows you enough flexibility in your approach for test automation.

I added the xpi file, and have followed all steps. But my actions are not getting recorded by OpKey what to do?

Can you check the following?

  1. You have entered the same port number in OpKey Recorder & SeleniumIDE->Tools->OpKey Settings
  2. You have clicked on Start Recording in OpKey Recorder
  3. You have opened SeleniumIDE for OpKey in firefox and not the SeleniumIDE
  if all above doesn't works, then contact us -support.opkey@crestechglobal.com. Or visit our forums to post yourquestion. https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/forums/

I am in gaming domain.I generally automate flash games and use sikuli,autoIT. How can i use OpKey?

OpKey offers unique image based test automation solution, which provides pre built keyword over test automation tools Sikuli and AutoIT. You can also create your own customized keywords if require. We can conduct a small poc for you to showcase automation of your flash games application with OpKey.

I am not sure I understand the port number which I have to fill for setting the OpKey recorder with selenium IDE, what is it for

A local machine port is needed for the communication of OpKey & SeleniumIDE for OpKey. You can give any random number ranging from 1 to 65535. The default port(8282) must just work fine. Just make sure your firewall or antivirus is not blocking it.

I have a different version of selenium IDE, so will the xpi file- selenium ide for opkey work?

Yes, the SeleniumIDE for OpKey must work as it is all together a different Plugin. Although, we would suggest that you create different Firefox Profiles and install different plugins. Launch firefox.exe –p from Run Window Or follow this link: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles  

Which version of Selenium IDE is being used for OpKey Recorder?

Currently we are supporting SeleniumIDE version 2.3. We are planning to release the versions 2.2 & 2.4 soon.

Will OpKey Recorder work only for Firefox?

SeleniumIDE only works with Firefox, so, Yes. Although, we plan to integrate our solution with other recorders as well to support multiple browsers. You can also ask firefox to behave as InternetExplorer or GoogleChrome or an AndroidBrowser. Check out this link: http://www.howtogeek.com/113439/

How to iterate a scenario with OpKey? Like If I want to Check if an element present in a webtable?

OpKey provides various ways with help of which you can iterate the test case. One of iterating is using the data repository; for tests which require data parameterization. E.g. Login scenario testing with various data combinations. Link for more details on it - https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/data-driven-testing-using-data-repositories-part-1-test-parameterization/ Other method is using FOR keyword. So in the example which you have asked- we will first fetch the number of rows in the webtable using the getrows function. Pass it to the FOR keyword and in between FOR and NEXT write steps which we wish to iterate. Link for more details- https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/opkey-help/?subid=63&accordid=4#Handling-Iteration-Operations

Is OpKey integration available with Coded UI

OpKey integration with Coded UI is currently under development stage, and is one of the coming soon feature.

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