Enterprises today are increasingly adapting Oracle Cloud to create and run agile and intelligent business apps on cloud by optimally utilizing the modern hardware and software architectures.

However, continuous upgrades and patch releases for Oracle Cloud and additional applications requires an extensive testing cycle that OpKey streamlines.

Opkey's Oracle CloudTest Accelerator provides a more business-like approach with data and analytics at the core.

Key Offerings

Oracle Cloud TestBuilder

Oracle Cloud Test Builder

  • Zero code scripting for easier adaptability
  • 200+ unique keywords for comprehensive test case creation
  • Smart Record/playback engine for hassle free automation
Oracle Cloud Business Process Configuration

Oracle Cloud Business Process Configuration

  • Day Zero start to automation with pre-built test accelerators
  • Increase in ROI with NO Set up time
  • Over 80% reduction in automation TCO with 600+ prebuilt libraries
Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis for Oracle Cloud

  • Risk Based testing approach shows affected Business Processes and test cases in Seconds
  • One Click Solution for configuring and validating tests
  • Measurable metrics like Stability charts at a glance
Self Configuring script

Self-Configuring/Self-healing Test Scripts

  • AI powered Self-Configuring/Self-Healing Engine creates/modifies test cases on the go taking Regression testing effort to ~ 0%
  • 70% Reduction in maintenance of test cases and test design effort
  • Overall efficiency increase by over 3 weeks

Benefits Of Opkey's Oracle Cloud Test Accelerator

Risk based test

Risk based test approach to identify high risk areas

Opkeys impact

Ripple effect analysis through Opkey’s impact report

One click solution

One click solution for configuring and validating tests

Metrics andchart

Measurable metrics and chart to optimize QA efforts

Case Study


The Client

  • Our current client is a leading provider of wireless enabled consumer devices and are using oracle cloud for their financial, project, human capital management and procurement applications.

  • They are currently using all cloud scenarios and services while connecting and integrating with different ecosystems.

The Problem

  • The client faced issues in performing regression testing and ensuring business continuity. It would take approx. 2 months to test approx. 300 business processes post every patch/release. Modifying test cases for the customizations were also impacted during the patch.

The Solution

  • With Opkey’s Upgrade Sync Process , Record/Playback engine specifically designed for Oracle cloud and features like Impact analysis and AI powered Self-Healing scripts, we achieved 100% business assurance within Oracle’s 2-Weeks Preview Period of upgrade.
End To End Test automation for Full IT ecosystem


  • Total Time for Regression testing with Oracle Cloud Accelerator for 250 Business Processes 4 hours
  • Minimum 15 man month saving per year
  • 80% faster ROI on Oracle Accelerator over self-automation
  • USD 650 K as Avg. Yearly Saving over 2 years

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