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2.8 Installing OpKey Plugins


OpKey Plugins are utilities that involve in the test execution of corresponding application types. There are about 12 OpKey plugins so far for supported by OpKey. While installing a new OpKey Execution Agent, there are 4 plugins installed by default along the OpKey Execution Agent. They are OpKey IE-Plugin, Desktop Plugin, Web & Utility plugin. If you need additional supported plugins then you need to contact the OpKey Support team at support@opkey.com. OpKey Support team will provide you the link to download those plugins (like Oracle EBS, Workday, Salesforce etc.)

You can go to the Oracle EBS Plugin link under Download Center but you will get a notification message to contact with the OpKey Support team.

  • The popup message appears as follows:

  • Once you have downloaded the required OpKey plugin setup file, you can install it easily.
  • Let us see how to install OpKey Plugins…

Installing OpKey OracleEBS Plugin

  • Double click on the setup file to initiate installation.

  • Click Next to proceed installation.
  • Check I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next to proceed installation.

  • Here, you can see that the OpKey OracleEBS Plugins is being installed in the C drive at specified location showing available, required and remaining storage space.
  • Click Next to proceed installation.

  • Here, you can apply usage settings of the OracleEBS Plugin. You can create installation logs by checking Create Installation logs checkbox.
  • Click Next to proceed installation.

  • Click Next to proceed installation.

  • Installation process is going on.

  • The installation process has finished. Click on Finish.

  • If your OpKey Agent is open then relaunch it. Now you can see that the OpKey OracleEBS Plugin has been installed successfully.

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