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26.15 Performing Database Operations

OpKey provides an inbuilt database connectivity engine which helps users to perform different kind of database operations. Currently OpKey supports following databases:
  1. SQLITE 
  2. MySQL
  3. ORACLE and
ConnectDatabse (String DriverName, String ConnectionString).
ConnectDatabse Keyword takes two parameters DriverName and ConnectionString.


Here is the list of databases, their Drivers and connection string.


Database Driver Connection String
MySQL                         mysql   Server=Server-Name;Database=Database-Name;Uid=UserName;Pwd=Password;port=3306;
Sqlite Databse sqlite Data Source=Path of db file
Oracle Databse*
Data Source=Server-Address; Port/Service-Name; User Id=Username; Password=Password;

For Example: Data Source=svn-server:1521/orcl.ctech.com;User Id=system;Password=Password1;

SQL Server(Standard) System.Data.SqlClient Server=myServerAddress; Database=myDataBase;

UserId=myUsername; Password=myPassword;

SQL Server (Windows Authentication) System.Data.SqlClient Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;



* For Oracle Data base connectivity, Oracle Data Access Components (compatible ODAC drivers to the installed Oracle version) needs to be installed on the machine from where user want to estabilish the database connection. For downloading compatible ODAC drivers, please Click here


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