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26.8 Artifact Sync


Artifact Sync is an advanced feature which allows you to sync your artifact of a project located on a Web domain to another project on different OpKey Web domain. In case you need to sync desired artifact(s) then it is recommended to sync the required Artifacts only instead of the whole project.

Need of Artifact Sync:

While working with OpKey Web, users usually need to sync their artifacts existing on one OpKey Web Domain to the another OpKey Web domain. In this case, it’s not feasible to sync the whole projects when you need to sync just few artifacts.

Steps to be followed:

  • Go to the Project Workspace & right click to your artifact to be synced.
  • Click on Sync option as shown below:

  • Artifact Sync window opens. Fill all required credentials (URL Name, User Name & Password) of the Slave (destination) and then click on Refresh button.
  • All the projects existing on the specified Host Name are shown in the dropdown.
  • Select your Project and click on Sync to start syncing process.

  • Artifact Sync process takes a while. Once, it has completed, you can view full logs.

  • Go to your Slave (destination) URL & refresh the URL to reflect the synced artifact(s).

Important Points

  • Artifacts having Custom Keywords will be synced only when they are used within the corresponding artifacts.
  • Only used Global Variables within the corresponding artifacts will be synced.
  • If the artifact of a Project of Master database has been synced within a Project of the Slave database then the synced artifact cannot be re-synced within any project of the same Slave database.
  • If there are two users in the source (Master) database having Admin & Non-Admin privileges whereas there are no users in the destination (Slave) database then after syncing the artifacts, both of the users will be Non-Admin users and their password will be 8 characters of their email id, starting from beginning.

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