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Selenium and OpKey

But let us be honest. It’s absolute fun at start but 2-3 years into a complex project with Selenium and you’d start feeling the pangs. Object maintenance, Different product version, different code branches, code refactoring, collaboration...Argh…

And that’s why we have endeavored to make it way easier and significantly more reliable for you to use Selenium for your web test automation. All great features of OpKey combined with some nifty enhancements that we have done in selenium Webdriver allows you to unlock full potential of Selenium without needing to be a geek.

Enhancements we have done in Selenium to give it more Power

Inbuilt Handling of AJAX calls

Perhaps one of the biggest reason why selenium test fail is the synchronization problems with Ajax. Don’t worry we have it covered. With opKey you would not need to insert any implicit\explicit waits. We handle it at our plugin level for you.

Our customers have reported that this feature alone has speeden up their test authoring by 50%

Smarter Object Identification

We have smartified the native Selenium object Recognition using Intellichoose™ our patent pending object recognition algorithm. Instead of brittle Xpaths, we have smart Identifiers and relative position APIs built in Object recognition that improves the speed and reliability of object identification in Selenium...

Smarter web recorder

Over and above the native firefox recorder, Now you can record your tests on IE, Chrome and Safari too. Plus cool features in recorder like ability to change the object description at runtime and real time data-driving capability makes it really slick

Plus a dozen of existing OpKey features that makes you experience commercial like ease with power of open source automation

Object Repository

For selenium to be considered for any serious automation, it needs a separate object repository..period (Yeah.. you can use Page Object Model..Good luck with that)..With OpKey’s in built OR, you can manage changes in your test object like a Pro..

Data drive with ease

OpKey allows you to datadrive your test with an integrated data management module without needing to write a single line of code. import data from database, excel sheet or a XML and use it to run your test with dynamic data

Recovery Module

Ever tried coding a Java thread in selenium for handling any unexpected page error elegantly..Was fun..right? Well it’s boring in OpKey because it’s all build in seamlessly. Why should you have all the fun..


Ever wondered how can i keep track of who changed what functional library…Collaboration is one of the founding principals of opKey..right from Test artifact management to implicit locks..everything to ensure working in team is fun

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