Seamless REST\SOAP Testing with OpKey

Easy to configure Service Editor

OpKey brings the same intuitive approach to API testing that it takes with Web testing making it really easy non technical users to test APIs and integrate API calls as part of their functional Tests. This means you can call APIs as keywords, data drive with a button click and validate the response without needing to know how to parse XMLs or JSONs

Here are some of the features that makes REST\SOAP Testing real simple with OpKey

Easy to configure Service Editor

You can configure your services easily using our GUI wizard. With our WSDL parsers and smart parsing of request response XMLs, you can setup your APIs for testing in minutes

Familiar data driven interface to drive your services

Using OpKey’s internal Data driving capabilities, you can point the APIs to data sources without needing to know any coding

Ability to integrate service tests into your functional UI Tests

OpKey allows you to pass data to and from API into your functional test steps making integration truly seamless

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