You don’t have to be a geek to automate your mobile app
Try OpKey

Keyword driven testing for Mobile Apps

OpKey allows for codeless automation for your mobile apps with more than 200 keywords available out of the box. Simply combine mobile app objects like buttons and text fields with action items like "Touch" or "Validate" for real user simulation. Manage your app objects in external object repository and significantly reduce maintenance effort for cross-device test automation

Leverage our On-Demand Mobile Cloud (pCloudy)


Test your mobile apps on Real device on cloud

Save significant cost and effort with our mobile device Cloud – pCloudy. Now you can create your tests using real devices (no emulators ever again) on cloud and execute it in-parallel on multiple devices while paying only for the time used


Test app performance along with functionality

When you run your automated tests on our device Cloud, we provide important stats like CPU and memory profiling and network usage monitoring so that you can test your app’s performance along with functionality


Debug your test results with confidence

With high resolution screenshots, debug logs and crash logs you can pinpoint the root cause of your test failures with confidence and pass on relevant information to your developers to fix that defect

Integrate your Mobile tests with web and web services test all within single script

Test your end to end workflow without needing to worry about using different tools for different technologies

Patented multi platform Engine allow OpKey to execute different test steps of same automation script with different tools

This means you can automate your business flow including web (with WebDriver), mobile (with Appium) and service (with SoapUI) without any hassles

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