Test your web and mobile apps on 100+ browsers-OS and real smartphones on Opkey cloud

Move to OpKey Cloud to scale your test autoamtion

Your Test Execution Lab on Cloud

If you have one of those modern web\mobile apps chances are that testing a zillion combinations of cross browser\cross platform test is already causing you headaches besides burning hole in your pocket. Moving your test automation to cloud (or at least a part of it) can bring in several benefit to your organization.

OpKey cloud allows you to execute your tests with 50+ browser OS combinations and hundreds of real mobile devices on Cloud. We are your extended Browser & device Lab – 100% Secure, On Demand and easy to maintain

Reduced Cost Made possible by pay as you go models

Faster testing made possible by parallel tests on cloud

Scalability made possible by on demand provisioning of resources

Test with 50 combinations of Browsers OS
BrowserStack Integration
SSH Tunnel for local Testing
100% secure
Responsive Testing
Live Test viewer
Screenshots for faster debugging
Enable Realistic Geo-performance testing