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Other Cool Features

Intellichoose ™ – Smart Object Recognition

It can be difficult to maintain test scripts with ever changing controls on screen (These developers would never understand J). And hence we have tried to offload some of your work by building a Smart algorithm to identify your page objects. You can combine multiple properties

And now you can also specify description of one object in relation to other controls on screen. This helps build more robust tests for dynamically changing objects

Recovery Scenarios to handle Exceptions

Recovery scenarios help you handle unexpected error like popups to make sure your test run can continue un-interrupted. You can set up how the pop up should be handled. Should there be a button press or would you like to invoke a series of steps in case an exception comes. Why do you need it? Now C’mon When was the last time everything went as you planned.

Custom Keywords to extend OpKey

Though you would rarely need it, but in case you need to go beyond the standard set of OpKey keywords, you can very well register your custom Keywords in Java\VBS. And once registered, these keywords would be available to all users of the OpKey project. Which means you can virtually do anything with OpKey. Run those database batches, Make Coffee..Err Well almost

OpKey Agent for Distributed Execution

More divided we become the more we conquer…Our Test Automation Philosophy certainly follows this mantra. You would need to distribute your test execution to test those zillion combinations. And hence we have build OpKey agent that you can install on multiple VMs and run your tests in parallel.

Integrated Data driving capability

Yep..We know that’s the most common uses of test automation. To test your systems with multiple set of data and cover all those corner cases. And hence we have made it really easy for you to parameterize your tests.. All with clicks. And you can also import your test data into the system from databases, excels and XMLs. Happy Data driving!!

Combine multiple tools in one script seamlessly

How we have all wished for capability to combine Selenium, AutoIT and Sikuli all in one script to handle those stubborn applications. Well we have done it for you. When you create your test in OpKey, you can combine one step of one tool with next one of another tool all seamlessly. And when this test executes, we will maintain the state internally to maintain the context between these tools. Cool..Isn’t it?

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