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OpKey has been built keeping in mind the needs of modern Day Agile teams. We understand that ability to quickly author, painlessly maintain and continuously execute your automation tests is critical to your success.

BDD? ATDD? TDD? No Worries…

OpKey support Acceptance test driven development and Behavior driven development out of box. With built-in Gherkin editor, You can define your features and scenarios in Gherkin and convert to automated fixtures at a click of button. Also ensure full traceability with seamless linking to Jira stories and requirements in confluence and Jenkins integration

No more hassles of regular expression and associated maintenance

Write acceptance tests in plain English and link it to Jira for real time collaboration

Automate Gherkin scenarios in OpKey’s keyword editor without coding

Execute as part of Jenkins and get Self Explanatory Reports and Full Traceability

True Automated Test first development

In-Sprint test automation for new features has been an elusive dream for most Agile teams. Not anymore with OpKey. OpKey allows your team to build tests even before the code is available and refactor it with minimum effort.


Seamless integration with CI CD CT Dev Ops infrastructure

Devops, continuous Testing and continuous integration is becoming a Top priority for CIO. You require a fresh approach to Test automation for your Dev-Ops strategy to succeed. OpKey fits seamlessly into your Devops setup by providing out of box integrations with most of the Build tools and ALM like Jira Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven.

Your BAs and Functional testers can create your acceptance tests in OpKey Gherkin editor, automate it without needing to know coding and link it back to Jira story

The automated acceptance tests can then be easily Integrated with your CI tools like Jenkins and Bamboo using OpKey’s CI plugin. During execution, Get the Live results back in your CI console

Once tests are executed as part of your nightly\hourly runs, the results go back to Jenkins and Jira seamlessly giving entire team real time visibility into their Dev-Ops pipeline

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